Disrupting the Menopausal Space with Femtech

For decades, men have been at the forefront of medical research, leaving nearly half of our global population behind – women. Although women make up 49.58% of the global population, most clinical research is solely done on males and then extrapolated to women’s health. This creates a long, long history of women being told incorrect […]


Evolution of Menopause Technology

Historically, not much attention or focus has been given to menopause health and research. There are many reasons for that, but specifically we’ll focus on life expectancy, disparities in medical care among genders, and lack of funding for FemTech. Today, at least we have many more treatment options to choose from.   Believe it or […]


Feldenkrais and Menopause

After a career teaching Classical Ballet and Pilates, Abbe Harris turned to Feldenkrais in 2001 after helping herself recover from a back injury with several sessions of the method. Abbe Harris introduces Feldenkrais in this article and discusses how it may help in dealing with symptoms of menopause. The exercises are very gentle, but the […]

weight gain

Menopause-Related Weight Gain

So, on top of the hot flashes, mood changes, and sleep problems, you’re now gaining weight? Unfortunately for many, the answer to this question is yes. Weight gain is yet another uncomfortable side effect of menopause, which can add an aditional layer of discomfort for going through the menopausal transition.   Before we start, we […]

No panic

Menopause & Anxiety

Anxiety during menopause is a common symptom, stemming from the uncertainty of what this new journey will bring. Changing hormones can cause you to experience sadness or depression regarding the loss of fertility and changes in your body.    An important way to mitigate this symptom is sleep. During the menopausal journey, it is important […]


Men & Hot Flashes

Hot flashes only happen to women…right? No. Even men are prone to dealing with this natural symptom. The sudden instances of a rush of warmth can be extremely discomforting for all humans.   For men, it stems from a decrease in testosterone levels. Their decrease in testosterone occus steadily, unlike with women whose hormones can […]

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Top 5 Tips to Relieve Menopause Effects

During the menopausal transition, you may experience pain in your body. High estrogen levels are linked with abdominal cramps, heavy periods, and tender breasts. Specifically, you may feel abdominal pain perpetuating throughout your body.    Tip 1 Relief can be found through a multitude of mechanisms. Applying warmth to various parts of your body will […]

How do I know if I am in Menopause?

Marking the end of a woman’s menstrual cycles, menopause is a journey into a new era of a woman’s life. As a completely natural process, it signifies that a woman’s ovaries have stopped producing hormones. The time between the end of a woman’s menstrual cycles and the start of menopause can be one of the […]

hot flashes

What is a Hot Flash?

And all of a sudden, it hits you. That all too familiar feeling of warmth spreads throughout your body, hitting your neck, arms, chest, and face. Your cheeks turn blotchy, and you lose focus. Your heartbeat starts to accelerate as you grab the table next to you. You wait a few minutes, but the feeling […]


Menopause and surfing

Have you ever thought to add surfing to your list of exciting activities? Think no more, Jane Mold uncovers the benefits of surfing as a middle-aged woman. Surfing is not only a way to further connect with nature and experience the incredible views of the calm ocean waves, Mold says you can also get fantastic […]


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