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The Zone

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The Zone Device provides safe, discreet soothing warm or cool sensations to improve comfort on demand, especially during hot flashes, cold flashes or night sweats.
Your Body. Your Zone. ™

Not sure which size to choose? We recommend measuring your wrist using a tape measure to make sure it’s the right fit.
Is your wrist in between two band sizes? We recommend getting the larger band size.

Thermaband Zone App Membership included free for 6-months, $9.99 afterwards.

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5.25-6 inches


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After testing the Zone device with users and collecting data with NIH researchers for the past year – we are closing our beta testing. Try the Zone risk-free for 30 days once it arrives. If you don’t find relief, send it back for a refund!

The Zone is a wearable thermostat that uses AI technology to detect changes in your temperature. Per your preferences, it can act immediately to provide cooling or warming sensations.

According to our test users, when the Zone activates, it provides the familiar feeling of running your hands under cool water, or holding a warm cup of cocoa.  

No! The Premium app with digital insights is a great complement to the device, but not required to use the Zone. The basic features of the app are complimentary.


Thermaband Zone Premium App*

Learn about your health and wellness through personalized data. Dynamic health insights based on your temperature changes, at your fingertips.

*6- Month subscription

FREE with Pre-order Special

How does it work?


Pair your device with the app to learn your personal comfort zone


The Zone activates to provide cooling or warming sensations – personalized to your comfort. 


Through the science of thermoregulation, the natural mind/body response helps you feel more comfortable. 

Our community is at the heart of our innovation process.

Feedback from our community

Ready for something that can help me sleep through the night. First, I’m hot, then cold, then awake. I love knowing that I can sleep and have the device turn on without me needing to wake up to turn on a fan. I'm tired of being tired!
Tried HRT for years which helped with hot flashes. Can’t use that anymore for medical reasons and the flashes came right back in full force!! Would love a natural tech solution.