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Hot flash/Night Sweat relief

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With the touch of a button, you can alleviate hot flashes or night sweats anytime, anywhere.

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Soothing temperature sensations to help you sleep through the night.

The Zone provides cooling or warming sensations manually or automatically for a good night’s rest.

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I’m getting addicted to this thing!

I keep reaching out for the zone when I feel like a hot Flash is coming on! I think I’m getting addicted to this thing 😀Monica Beta Tester

Getting my freedom back

It’s so cool to see how the device captures slight changes in my temperature, even before a hot flash! Can’t use HRT for personal reasons, and I’m eagerly looking forward to the release of Thermaband!Karen Beta Tester

I felt my anxiety level wasn’t always on alert

While testing the Zone I felt my anxiety level wasn’t always on alert. I knew I had the zone and it would help me make it through a horrible flash. One of the reasons I started looking for help with my flashes is they have started affecting my life. Going out in public and having a flash so bad I looked as I had just stepped out of the shower was horrible. During my testing I was able to go to a gathering and even though I had a flash I was able to maintain and stay and enjoy the party. I truly believe the zone can be a blessing to so many women. Last opinion, I know the zone is geared to women but my father in law is going through cancer treatment and having horrible hot flashes once the zone is released I will be recommending to his support group. Thanks again for the opportunity and cannot wait for the release.Hazel Beta Tester

My hot flash was less severe

The severity of my hot flash was sufficient reduced, the true test was I had a flash while I was charging the zone and I could tell the difference. Since testing has been over I really miss it, looking forward to the release.Karen Beta Tester

It was controlling my flashes

Love the device! Also felt like skin remained cool in the area of the zone all day believing that it was controlling my flashes. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience of taking control of the flashes discretely.Sarah Thermaband User

The perfect solution for my mother

I bought it for my mother and am really excited for her to try it! She has horrible hot flashes and the reality is that even though I don’t fully understand it – really want her to feel more comfortable.Amy Thermaband User

5 stars – Customer reviews

Thermaband Zone™

The Zone provides safe, discreet soothing warm or cool sensations to improve comfort on demand, especially during hot flashes, cold flashes or night sweats.
Your Body. Your Zone. ™

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Your Body. Your Zone. ™

The Zone Device provides safe, discreet soothing warm or cool sensations to improve comfort on demand, especially during hot flashes, cold flashes or night sweats.

The Thermaband Zone App is a gamechanger – designed to obtain menopausal insights, build a connected community to empower women and our clinicians to advance our healthcare.

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Learn how many times a day are you experiencing varying discomfort.


Know what triggers you should be mindful of in your day to day life.


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