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Goodbye Hot Flashes,

Hello Relief


Meet Thermaband Zone:

Instant Cooling Relief on Demand

Estimated Shipping Fall 2022
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30 Day Returns

It's so cool to see how the device captures slight changes in my temperature, even before a hot flash! Can't use HRT for personal reasons, and I'm eagerly looking forward to the release of Thermaband!

Karen Beta Tester

Ready for something that can help me sleep through the night. First, I’m hot, then cold, then awake. I love knowing that I can sleep and have the device turn on without me needing to wake up to turn on a fan.

Natasha Beta Tester

Its the perfect solution for anyone looking to regulate their body temperature day or night. Say goodbye to cold offices or night sweats with Thermaband. After two weeks trying this product I was sold for life.

Melissa Beta Tester

    how does it work?

    Zone Activation

    The device can be activated manually (through button push) or automatically. Automatic activation through device sensing your discomfort. 

    temperature sensation

    Battery-powered Zone cools or warms the inside of your wrist. Feel the sensation instantly

    Natural Signal To Brain

    Temperature sensitive nerves in your skin sends a signal to your brain that affect your physical comfort.

    Meet the Mother Daughter Duo behind thermaband

    "At 51, I had my first hot flash and was so unprepared. It felt like a personal inferno raging within, and I was frustrated by the lack of cooling relief solutions. My desperation led to developing a technique to cool my body down!"
    Debbie Dickinson

    The Zone

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    The Zone Device provides safe, discreet soothing warm or cool sensations to improve comfort on demand, especially during hot flashes, cold flashes or night sweats.
    Your Body. Your Zone. ™

    Not sure which size to choose? We recommend measuring your wrist using a tape measure to make sure it’s the right fit.
    Is your wrist in between two band sizes? We recommend getting the larger band size.

    Thermaband Zone App Membership included free for 6-months, $9.99 afterwards.

    Estimated Shipping Fall 2022

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    5.25-6 inches


    5.85 - 6.75 inches


    6.6 - 8.25 inches


    8.25-10.25 inches

    Extra Large

    common questions

    It works by applying a cool sensation on the wrist, so your brain focuses on the relief. Just like holding a warm cup of coffee when you are cold. 

    Over the past year, we’ve tested with beta testers to get feedback on how the device looks, feels and works. We’ve closed testing, but have a money-back guarantee within 30 days if you don’t love your Zone.

    Full charge in 2 hours

    Yes! We’ve received positive feedback from people struggling with temperature regulation for a number of medical conditions.

    The wrist has temperature sensitive nerve endings which enable to Zone to cool/warm a small part of your body for full body comfort. 

    The Zone can be activated through the device itself, but the app provides digital health insights as a companion to the device.

    The Zone fits wrist sizes from 5.25 to 8.3 inches. 

    Yes! The Zone provides relief for night sweats especially. 

    Thermaband Zone App

    Learn about your health and wellness through personalized menopausal insights. Dynamic health insights based on your temperature changes, heart rate, blood pressure trends and more at your fingertips.

    first 6 Months FREE with pre-order special

    $9.99/mo afterwards