Disrupting the Menopausal Space with Femtech

For decades, men have been at the forefront of medical research, leaving nearly half of our global population behind – women. Although women make up 49.58% of the global population, most clinical research is solely done on males and then extrapolated to women’s health. This creates a long, long history of women being told incorrect […]

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Evolution of Menopause Technology

Historically, not much attention or focus has been given to menopause health and research. There are many reasons for that, but specifically we’ll focus on life expectancy, disparities in medical care among genders, and lack of funding for FemTech. Today, at least we have many more treatment options to choose from.   Believe it or […]

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Feldenkrais and Menopause

After a career teaching Classical Ballet and Pilates, Abbe Harris turned to Feldenkrais in 2001 after helping herself recover from a back injury with several sessions of the method. Abbe Harris introduces Feldenkrais in this article and discusses how it may help in dealing with symptoms of menopause. The exercises are very gentle, but the […]

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