"At 51, I had my first hot flash and was completely unprepared. It felt like a personal inferno raging within. My frustration with the debilitating symptoms and inadequate solutions led to the inception of the Thermaband Zone - in collaboration with scientists, menopausal experts and a community of women."

Debbie Dickinson | Co-founder

Debbie Dickinson, Esq. Founder | CEO
Debbie is an experienced Harvard Law benefits attorney, Wharton Business School alumna and Lecturer, as well as a serial entrepreneur. Debbie was a Benefits executive at Johnson & Johnson, then practiced Benefits law in Atlanta, before starting several small businesses.
Markea Dickinson Founder | CEO
Markea has operations expertise through working at Unilever in various end-to-end supply chain roles, including a Production Manager in a manufacturing facility for 2 years. She worked in consumer goods for 4.5 years prior to pursuing her MBA at Yale School of Management.


The Zone makes temperature personal by learning your body to activate cooling or warming on demand. Co-designed by a community of women, scientists and engineers so you don't have to suffer in silence.


Our community is at the heart of our innovation process.

Tried HRT for years which helped with hot flashes. Can’t use that anymore for medical reasons and the flashes came right back in full force!! Would love a natural tech solution

Joan Customer

Ready for something that can help me sleep through the night. First, I’m hot, then cold, then awake. I love knowing that I can sleep and have the device turn on without me needing to wake up to turn on a fan. I'm tired of being tired!

Natasha Customer

Can’t wait! I have hot flashes day and night. I’m burning up all the time. Excited to use this product.

Kelly Customer