Mother-Daughter duo

It all started with a hot flash

“At 51, I had my first hot flash and was so unprepared.

It felt like a personal inferno raging within, and I was frustrated by the lack of cooling relief solutions. My desperation led to partnering with women, physicians and engineers to create a smart bracelet that cools my body down!”

Debbie Dickinson, ESQ | Founder

Meet the mother-daughter duo who started it all

Founder | CEO

Debbie Dickinson, Esq.

Debbie is an experienced Harvard Law benefits attorney, Wharton Business School alumna and Lecturer, as well as a serial entrepreneur. Debbie was a Benefits executive at Johnson & Johnson, then practiced Benefits law in Atlanta, before starting several small businesses.

Founder | COO (deceased)

Markea Dickinson

Markea joined her mother in founding Thermaband while pursuing her Yale MBA. She brought invaluable consumer goods supply chain and manufacturing experience to the team, having worked at Unilever. After serving 4 years as COO, Markea passed away unexpectedly in October 2023. While our hearts are filled with grief, our commitment to making Thermaband the first choice for women seeking a natural and effective tech solution for menopause continues.

Our mission

Thermaband’s mission is to reframe midlife and empower women to control their thermal comfort through the Zone device. Rather than accepting hot flashes as a new way of life, and suffering in silence as strong women tend to do, Debbie partnered with her daughter to revolutionize how society deals with menopause. This smart personal thermostat provides heating and cooling sensations, as well as digital health data, and was co-created with a robust community of women. Believing that women deserve a natural, effective and desirable solution designed by women for women and their families, they created it.

Our community

Our Facebook group is a community of women open to empowering and enlightening conversations around women’s health. This Multigenerational Sisterhood is there to offer help and support to women in the community, when they need it most. Together, we empower women to take back control of their life and find hot flash freedom.

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