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Why Thermaband?

Thermaband’s mission is to reframe midlife and empower women to control their thermal comfort through the Zone device. Rather than accepting hot flashes as a new way of life, and suffering in silence as strong women tend to do, Debbie partnered with her daughter to revolutionize how society deals with menopause. This smart personal thermostat provides heating and cooling sensations, as well as digital health data, and was co-created with a robust community of women. Believing that women deserve a natural, effective and desirable solution designed by women for women and their families, they created it. 

What industry leaders support us?

“I’m excited about Thermaband Zone’s potential to use sensing data as a predictor with feedback to interrupt some downstream events/perceptions. It’s a breakthrough in technology”
– Dr. Roderic Pettigrew, Advisor and Founding Director of NIH Biomedical & Bioengineering

“Finally a technology identifying menopausal wellbeing as a priority! I’m excited about the Zone for two reasons: anonymized data to advance menopausal research and temperature regulation for my cancer patients who are limited in the types of solutions they can leverage.
– Dr. Mary Minkin, Advisor Madame Ovary and Certified Menopause Clinician

Who are Debbie and Markea Dickinson?

Markea and Debbie Dickinson are the founders of Thermaband, a fem-tech company based in Florida aiming to reframe midlife and empower women to control their thermal comfort through the Zone device. Debbie is an experienced Harvard attorney, focusing on employee benefits, and a serial entrepreneur. Markea has operations and manufacturing expertise in consumer goods, and recently graduated from Yale School of Management.

How does the app work with the Zone?What does the community look like?

Use the app to access digital insights on what’s happening when you get hot or cold. It is a valuable tool for women experiencing hot flashes and night sweats so they can see the frequency, duration and additional information that is helpful to maximize comfort, such as tracking triggers and trends. The app was co-created with menopausal women who are interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and managing their health. This Information can be shared with your physician who may be managing thermal discomfort causedby hormonesor medical treatment or conditions.

What does the community look like?

Our Facebook group is a community of women open to empowering and enlightening conversations around women’s health. Our community exists of over 35,000 women and men who are taking control of their thermal comfort. Join the movement!

Is there a warranty on The Zone?

Try the Zone risk-free for 30 days after arrival. If you are not convinced after the 30 day trial period, you can send us back The Zone for free. We will refund the purchase amount within 5 business days.

What is the science behind Thermaband?

The product was co-created with a community of 600+ women. The device has been reviewed by several hundred and expert engineers and is currently undergoing further testing for quality control. 

When will shipping start?

Expected shipping is Fall 2023

Does the Zone come in different sizes?

The Zone is available in a range of wrist sizes from small to extra large. If you are unsure which size will fit your wrist, use our size chart to find your appropriate size. Got the wrong size? Send us back the Zone risk-free 30 days after arrival, free of charge.

Is the Zone safe?

The Zone provides safe, discreet soothing hot and cold sensations to the wrist. The device has been reviewed by several hundred and expert engineers and is currently undergoing further testing for quality control. 

How can I make sure the Zone works for me?

The Zone is easy to operate and is designed to understand your personalized thermal preferences utilizing temperature sensors, then provide soothing and discreet temperature sensations to your body so that mind and body are in sync using thermoregulation. Thermoregulation is the body’s natural way of regulating its temperature to achieve comfort. For those of us with fluctuating hormonal levels or temperature sensitivities, the Zone helps our body to stabilize and find comfort safely and effortlessly. We are at our best when we feel our best.

Can men also use The Zone?

Yes! Hot flashes do not only occur with women. Even men are prone to dealing with this natural symptom. The sudden instances of a rush of warmth can be extremely discomforting for anyone. The Thermaband Zone gives women and men safe, discreet soothing hot or cold sensations to provide immediate relief when they need it most.

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