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Disrupting the Menopausal Space with Femtech

For decades, men have been at the forefront of medical research, leaving nearly half of our global population behind – women. Although women make up 49.58% of the global population, most clinical research is solely done on males and then extrapolated to women’s health. This creates a long, long history of women being told incorrect diagnosis and given inaccurately evidence-backed solutions. 

Alicia Chong, founder and CEO at Bloomer Tech, states “Female physiology is quite different from males.” Much of female health research hones in on reproduction, overlooking other aspects of their health needs; however, women’s health is more than just breast and reproductive health. 

Oftentimes, men aren’t aware that the lack of research into women’s health is a problem. Due to societal gender roles, women tend not to be decision-makers in a room full of men, further causing women’s health to be swept under the rug. Thus, closing the gap in research error cultivates a society that empowers women to be healthier, further even lowering medical costs. When our society begins to understand that women have different needs, we can truly advance women’s health and address their problems at a faster, efficient pace.

Creating a solution for menopausal health concerns can benefit the expected 1.1 billion women who will be post-menopausal by 2025, according to the North American Menopause Society. Founder of EXXclaim Capital, a venture fund focused on women’s health, Anula Jayasuriya says that digital health innovation helps “empower women to take their health more seriously.”

Femtech, which describes the technology specifically geared towards the needs of women, has previously ignored addressing women who are entering menopause. However, Thermaband is paving a new path for women’s health to be addressed in a beneficial  manner. The innovative technology provided by The Zone will provide thermal relief on demand through cooling and heating sensations on the inner wrist. 

Thermoregulation directly addresses the mechanisms your body uses to keep your internal temperature at equilibrium. If your internal temperature deviates from its state of equilibrium, then your body actively takes steps to adjust it. Moreover, hot flashes are a discomforting effect of undergoing menopause. This form of temperature discomfort is directly addressed by Thermaband’s The Zone. The wearable technology provided by The Zone creates a localized, individualized thermal comfort solution. Through its ability to sit on the wrist, The Zone provides the whole body with thermal relief. 

Thermaband is creating a life-changing product through femtech for women undergoing menopause by caring for thermal health. By modernizing menopause with science, sisterhood, and temperature-regulating technology, Thermaband provides consumers with a solution for hot flashes, cold flashes, and night sweats, all while disrupting the menopausal space in ways never done before.