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Men & hot flashes

Hot flashes only happen to women…right? No. Even men are prone to dealing with this natural symptom. The sudden instances of a rush of warmth can be extremely discomforting for all humans.

For men, it stems from a decrease in testosterone levels. Their decrease in testosterone occus steadily, unlike with women whose hormones can drastically change right at menopause. One commonly known cause for hot flashes within men is prostate cancer treatment, more specifically Androgen Deprivation Therapy. This treatment restricts the production of testosterone, causing nearly 80% of men to have hot flashes. 

When testosterone levels being to decrease, the hypothalamus, which controls body temperature begins to send false signals further causing hot flashes. Moreover, lifestyle changes can also cause hot and cold flashes. When you are stresses, your body will release excess cortisol—a trigger for hot flashes. 

A hot flash can be categorized as when one gets a sudden sensation of warmth and may cause heavy sweating and skin to redden. Lasting about 4 minutes, this phenomenon does have treatment available.

The Thermaband Zone is proven to provide you with thermal relief at your wrist which will counteract the sensation of a hot or cold flash. Additionally, you can also take cautionary measures, such as improving your diet, sleep cycle and exercise to reduce discomfort. Reducing alcohol, smoking, coffee, and spicy food consumption can also prevent hot flashes. 

Thus, hot flashes are not just a phenomenon that women undergo—even men encounter it. Take the time to understand how you can better be prepared to provide yourself with thermal relief and reduce discomfort.