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Do men experience hot flashes?

Hot flashes only happen to women…right? No. Even men are prone to dealing with this natural symptom. The sudden instances of a rush of warmth can be extremely discomforting for anyone. The Thermaband Zone gives safe, discreet soothing hot or cold sensations to provide immediate relief when you need it most.

The cause

Over 33% of men experience hot flashes at some stage of their lives.

For men, hot flashes stem from a decrease in testosterone levels. Their decrease in testosterone occus steadily, unlike with women whose hormones can drastically change right at menopause.

Hot flashes and prostate cancer

65% of men fighting prostate cancer experience severe hot flashes throughout the day.

One commonly known cause for hot flashes within men is prostate cancer treatment, more specifically Androgen Deprivation Therapy. This treatment restricts the production of testosterone, causing nearly 80% of men to have hot flashes. 

Join the Movement

Let’s get rid of the silence and stigma behind hot flashes and create a community where men can be empowered, be themselves and thrive.

Hear from our Community

Finally, I feel like myself again

Ready for something that can help me sleep through the night. First, I’m hot, then cold, then awake. I love knowing that I can sleep and have the device turn on without needing to wake up to turn on a fan.Natasha Beta Tester

Getting my freedom back

It’s so cool to see how the device captures slight changes in my temperature, even before a hot flash! Can’t use HRT for personal reasons, and I’m eagerly looking forward to the release of Thermaband!Karen Beta Tester

Instant hot flash relief

Finally, we can look forward to some real relief. Thank you, Thermaband!Joan Thermaband User

Say goodbye to night sweats

Its the perfect solution for anyone looking to regulate their body temperature day or night. Say goodbye to cold offices or night sweats with Thermaband. After two weeks trying this product I was sold for life.Melissa Beta Tester

Exceptional service and customer care

I usually don’t write reviews but I really had to for Thermaband. They have exceptional customer service and I could tell they really cared about me as a customer. Their website is really easy to use and I had no problems ordering online. Highly recommend to any, and everyone 🙂 I will definitely be returning!!Averie Thermaband User

The perfect solution for my mother

I bought it for my mother and am really excited for her to try it! She has horrible hot flashes and the reality is that even though I don’t fully understand it – really want her to feel more comfortable.Amy Thermaband User

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