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Menopause and surfing

Have you ever thought to add surfing to your list of exciting activities? Think no more, Jane Mold uncovers the benefits of surfing as a middle-aged woman. Surfing is not only a way to further connect with nature and experience the incredible views of the calm ocean waves, Mold says you can also get fantastic exercise from surfing.

“The fear used to get to me, “ Mold said. “I like to blame fear on menopause.”  Although the thought of surfing initially  scared her, Mold said she decided she had to face her fears and try it! 

It is important, no matter what phase of life you’re in, that you continue to pursue new activities, even if they are a little frightening at first.  Surfing can be a mental challenge conquering these hesitations and fears, but it can feel great to overcome the obstacles. 

 While riding the waves of the blue sea, not only do you get a great arm workout paddling through the water, but you also enhance your stamina while balancing yourself on the board moving through the ocean. Mobility and balance come into play in the art of surfing.

The art of surfing has been a stress reliever for Mold. She notes  that when she’s surfing, she leaves all her worries onshore and just enjoys the experience on the water. The ethereal experience that surfing offers helps her live in the moment and appreciate the environment around her. Surfing has helped Mold grow mentally and physically. She hopes more women will take a leap of faith, step out of their comfort zone, and try surfing, so they too, can experience all the life changing benefits.