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Women over 50 pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors

What do you want to be when you grow up?

“Well, at 53, I’m still “growing up”.

I learned along the way that the answer to that question is not finite. At 10 years old, I said, “a lawyer”, and with tenacity and supportive mentors, I got into Harvard Law School and became a lawyer. After 10 years of practice, I took a hiatus to raise my children. It was the right decision for my family, but I was concerned about the impact on my career. I didn’t need to be because it was while home that I pursued several entrepreneurial pursuits and learned from each, which equipped me for my current venture as Founder and CEO of Thermaband with my eldest daughter. If I didn’t continue my entrepreneurial endeavors after 50, I wouldn’t have created the Zone, our wearable solution for hot flash/night sweat suffers. And guess what, I have several more entrepreneurial ideas that are in queue, since, I’m still growing up, after all.”

– Debbie, CEO of Thermaband