weight gain

Menopause-Related Weight Gain

So, on top of the hot flashes, mood changes, and sleep problems, you’re now gaining weight? Unfortunately for many, the answer to this question is yes. Weight gain is yet another uncomfortable side effect of menopause, which can add an aditional layer of discomfort for going through the menopausal transition.   Before we start, we […]

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No panic

Menopause & Anxiety

Anxiety during menopause is a common symptom, stemming from the uncertainty of what this new journey will bring. Changing hormones can cause you to experience sadness or depression regarding the loss of fertility and changes in your body.    An important way to mitigate this symptom is sleep. During the menopausal journey, it is important […]

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Men & Hot Flashes

Hot flashes only happen to women…right? No. Even men are prone to dealing with this natural symptom. The sudden instances of a rush of warmth can be extremely discomforting for all humans.   For men, it stems from a decrease in testosterone levels. Their decrease in testosterone occus steadily, unlike with women whose hormones can […]

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